DOCOMO Develops World’s First Technology Utilizing Generative AI to Automatically Generate Non-Player Characters in Metaverse

TOKYO, Jan 16, 2024 – (JCN Newswire via – NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it has developed a generative AI that automatically generates non-player characters (NPCs), characters not controlled by the player, in the metaverse based solely on text input. The technology, which DOCOMO believes is the world’s first of its kind,1generates NPCs that embody distinct appearances, behaviors and roles in just 20 minutes,2 eliminating the need for specialized programming or algorithmic expertise.

The technology integrates three generative AIs: behavior-logic-generative AI, animation-generative AI,3 and appearance-generative AI.4 The behavior-logic-generative AI and the seamless synchronization of all three types of AI are unique developments by DOCOMO; significant achievements that mark the new technology as cutting-edge.

Behavior-logic-generative AI automatically creates a unique behavior tree5 that defines the behavior of NPCs in the metaverse using only text. Creating a behavior tree until now has typically required skilled programmers to use code when formulating the required specifications.

Behavior Tree

In addition, automatic linkage of the three generative AIs makes it possible to link the behavior tree generated by the behavior-logic-generative AI, the NPC skeletal data generated by the animation-generative AI, and the 3D model of the NPC generated by the appearance-generative AI, thereby allowing the automatic generation of NPCs using only text.

Linkage of the Three Generative AIs

The advancement of this technology is part of DOCOMO’s Lifestyle Co-Creation Lab, working together with partners to evaluate life-enhancing technologies. Its objective is to craft an Innovation Co-Creation Platform accessible across various industries. Rooted in the concept of metacommunication, and aimed at fostering a new community identity, DOCOMO aims to integrate the technology with its Large Language Model (LLM) infrastructure and personal data resources.

Going forward, DOCOMO plans to further enhance this technology and implement it in the DOOR, metaverse operated by NTT QONOQ, INC. within the fiscal year ending in March 2025, with the goal of helping customers enjoy more convenient and enriched lives. Related technologies and services will be targeted to help support regional revitalization and development, among other applications.

This technology will be introduced during the “New windowdocomo Open House ’24” online event beginning on January 17.

(1) According to DOCOMO’s research (as of December 2023). Patent pending by NTT DOCOMO, INC.
(2) Based on verification results of this project.
(3) Uses New windowHuman Motion Diffusion Model technology.
(4) Uses New windowText2Mesh.
(5) A structure used to create NPC (Non-Player Character) behaviors, placed within a hierarchical tree to visually represent the character’s thoughts and actions, making the flow of reasoning leading to actions visually comprehensible.


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