PERSONA AI Wins First place in GenAI Solution Competition 2023

Seoul, Korea – Dec 23, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Recently, PERSONA AI ( has won the 1st place in GenAI Solution Competition 2023.

In the wake of the ChatGPT phenomenon, the artificial intelligence market is rapidly expanding into Generative AI globally. Bloomberg Intelligence forecasts that the market size will reach approximately $1.3 trillion in 10 years. With the rise of Generative AI as a driving force for transformative changes in the economic and social landscape, this market has already expanded into various domains such as images, videos, music, metaverse, chatbots, and even into services and solutions.

In line with this trend, various events encouraging and promoting Generative AI research are taking place worldwide. On December 15th, the ‘GenAI Solution Competition 2023’ was held at the USC ISI(Information Science Institute) in CA. The event, organized by The Society of Gen AI(SGAI), comprised global AI scholars from the United States, China, Taiwan, Spain, Australia, and more.

The panel of judges consisted of distinguished evaluators from renowned universities like Harvard and MIT. They evaluated AI solutions from around 100 GenAI companies. After the final evaluation, the top three companies were selected: 1st place (Tech Award) was awarded to South Korea’s PERSONA AI, 2nd place (Innovation Award) to Singapore’s SPLORE, and 3rd place (Contribution Award) to the United States’ ALELO.

PERSONA AI, securing the top position, is known as a leading Generative AI startup in South Korea. The company’s solution, KGPT, utilizes its proprietary sLLM engine, allowing users to input documents easily, find answers within the solution, and even generate images automatically.

In addition to addressing the hallucination issues of Large Language Models (LLM), PERSONA AI has resolved security and response speed issues. It also allows summarization, translation, and transformation into various images through prompts.

PERSONA AI, participating with the English version of KGPT, announced plans to release the solution in various languages, including Japanese and Chinese, after further enhancements.

SGAI, the organizer, emphasized that the competition served as a platform to integrate and share research and industry developments in the rapidly growing GenAI field. They highlighted the significance of the participation of numerous global companies and universities, expressing their hope to grow into a more global GenAI association and create more meaningful and informative events in the future, encouraging the participation of many more companies.


PERSONA AI is growing as a leader in AI platform. As a result of devoting 3 years to the development of the natural language processing engine, the result of the KOLAS international certification test is 100%. Succeeded in developing an engine boasting a recognition rate, proving its global competitiveness, PERSONA AI quickly gained momentum until the launch of the first AI cloud contact center solution in Korea.

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