Media Analysis: Supporting Enterprise Press Releases across Regions

by Midi Guru

Across the Asia Pacific region and beyond, companies have a wealth of options when seeking to distribute press releases and earn media coverage. From newswire services that blast announcements to targeted lists of journalists, to digital publications and news sites that report on breaking developments, the media landscape is rich with outlets relevant to different audiences, geographies, industries, and objectives. This article will analyze key media channels that support corporate press releases in their coverage across a variety of territories, highlighting their reach, focus areas, and distinctive approaches. Whether looking to make a splash in Singapore, showcase an innovation in Seoul, or drive thought leadership in Dubai, the right media targets exist to meet enterprise needs.

Global Newswire Services

Middle East – Arab Media

East Asia – Taiwan

Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia – Singapore

East Asia – Hong Kong

Southeast Asia – Indonesia

Southeast Asia – Malaysia

Southeast Asia – Thailand

Southeast Asia – Vietnam

Southeast Asia – Philippines

Europe – Germany

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