Ordify Employs Blockpass to Open Investment to Everyone

HONG KONG, May 2, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Blockpass and Ordify are pleased to highlight their partnership, with the first launchpad in the Bitcoin space utilizing the identity verifier to onboard customers to any and all of their projects. As new users join the Ordify ecosystem they are able to refer friends and earn referral benefits alongside other rewards, as well as engaging with fundraising in the form of IDOs.

As a launchpad with a focus on interoperability, Ordify provides its users with a suite of products and tools crafted to enhance their investment experience across various blockchain ecosystems, aiming to redefine how those in the crypto space invest. Ordify allows users to stake ORFY tokens to gain rewards, but also to gain access to various tiers of IDO fundraisers, providing they have completed KYC and the tier access depending on the amount of tokens stakes. Users are able to link BRC-20 and Stacks Wallet addresses to their account and wallet support includes Metamask, walletconnect, unisat, xverse, orange wallet and ordinals wallet.

Blockpass, known as “Web3’s OG Identity Verifier,” has pioneered reusable identities and crypto-native KYC/AML solutions. Its turnkey suite of compliance tools is designed to lower onboarding costs, automate remediation, prove humanity and protect against malicious actors, fraudulent activities, bots, and AI. Businesses can set up services quickly, test them for free, and start verifying users. With around one million verified identity profiles, Blockpass facilitates instant onboarding, and to date over a thousand businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to benefit from Blockpass’ compliant network.

“At Ordify, our mission is to create an ecosystem that is not only accessible but also secured by trust and transparency. The partnership with Blockpass enhances our platform’s integrity, making sure that each user’s entry into the world of IDOs is backed by reliable verification” said Atila, Ordify’s CEO.

“With such an expansive ecosystem and a multitude of opportunities, cross-chain solutions are an essential component of blockchain technology’s future and we’re delighted to be working with Ordiify to enable such possibilities.” said Adam Vaziri, Blockpass CEO. “With a visionary team that understands the power of compliance in expanding the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, we look forward to seeing all manner of innovative projects launch through Ordify.”

With this partnership, Blockpass and Ordify aim to bridge the gaps between disparate blockchains in a simple but safe and compliant manner, providing opportunities to savvy investors looking to engage with promising projects across the crypto ecosystem.

About Blockpass

Ditch tedious onboarding and say hello to seamless compliance with Blockpass, the ultimate turnkey solution for KYC, KYB, and AML. Experience the market’s most efficient and cost-effective compliance suite, built by seasoned compliance veterans and crypto-natives. Automate compliance processes, eradicate fraud, and onboard globally with confidence. Verify businesses worldwide, launch bank-grade verification for your organization, and instantly activate compliant KYC/AML for DeFi, exchanges, token launchpads, NFT mintings and beyond. Through Blockpass’ decentralized network of a million pre-verified crypto-enthusiasts and a thousand pre-verified businesses, you can expand your reach effortlessly. Leverage Advanced KYC BotTM for intelligent remediation, On-Chain KYC® for data-free anonymity, and Unhosted Wallet KYCTM to meet Crypto Travel Rule regulations. Join Animoca Brands, Cardano, Polygon, Chainlink, Delta Exchange, National Geographic, TinyTap, Seedify, ChainGPT, Iskra and many more in partnering with Blockpass for compliance you can trust, growth you can accelerate and an experience you can enjoy. Join the cutting edge of secure, streamlined onboardings.

Learn more and engage the Blockpass team:
Website: http://www.blockpass.org
Email: sales@blockpass.org

About Ordify

Ordify offers a platform that simplifies the launch and growth of blockchain projects. Through our services, investors gain straightforward access to Initial DEX Offerings and the chance to support the development of new blockchain technologies. Our users appreciate the clear, easy-to-navigate pathways to becoming stakeholders in various blockchain endeavors.

We prioritize transparency and inclusivity in every project we support. With Blockpass’s reliable identity verification technology, we streamline the onboarding process for our users, providing a quick and secure start to their investment journey.

By staking our ORFY tokens, community members unlock different levels of participation, directly linking them with the projects they support. This approach underlines our dedication to creating a strong and engaged community, united by a shared interest in the potential of blockchain technology.

Website: https://ordify.world
X: https://x.com/ordifyworld
Medium: https://ordify.medium.com/

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