Tech Sales Evolves faster in Germany with WorkMentality AI Foundation

Frankfurt, Germany – 24/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – WorkMentality an early player in the AI Tech sales space disrupting further areas now expands their programs to reach Digital Sales Executives in Frankfurt; a space where most of the changes will be experienced now with new Marketing and Automation tools and 20x faster translation services including Smart Data Analysis platforms is getting to a good start in 2024.

With the growing demands to virtualize Traditional Financial Services here in Frankfurt and around the EU, the WM team has very ambitious projects for the new year some of which include implementation of new Technical Architectural Solutions in Legal, Consulting and Real Estate processes which need much of the new technical lifecycle improvements.

Founding Partner Lenn Montano, a Silicon Valley native speaks further about her vision to completely transform and improve areas where little to no change have happened in the German market, especially connecting Startups to larger services some of which could even expand to Insurance services, and other Media-related areas such as Digital Communication & Branding teams for example working with specialized Agency services where the biggest shifts are seen right now due to the faster growing and unparallel service delivery improvements thanks to AI tools such as AdCreativeAI, Seamless AI, Cognaize, Humata and similar others – “Our team has a different focus from other platforms, with our experience in advanced Enterprise Solutions, we are able to structure and clearly drive value connections from B2C to future B2B solutions. I have seen many talented teams fail and fall short of such implementations in recent years and waste much of the Investment funds allocated to Growth so we are the game changers and we are doing exactly that.” She explains further.

Her work along with other partners in the space who come from Traditional Software backgrounds like BVP Software Development services lead by Volodymyr Bondarchuk who has been developing eCommerce applications says; “the visions for our new AI Applications are far more advanced that we also need to spend time training and leading the Strategy side for Tech Sales now for example to understand how to articulate our solutions to customers properly.”

Bridging the Gap from Legacy Systems to New-Age

To further support the growing Market needs and allocate enough resources to this highly promising Digital areas for future implementation, they are also proactively partnering with Educational Institutions like Frankfurt School of Finance to further build talented teams in SaaS, Multitenant, CRM, Dashboard Web Apps, Java/Spring Boot, ReactJs & AWS into Corporate Strategy.

The global growth potential in such areas is now much larger than ever before and many firms no longer have the option to delay Product Release schedules; with Digital Banking for example the changes have been rapidly pushing teams to reinvent their FinTech Strategies working with BaFin in order to realign with growing consumer demands for faster automated solutions that are real time and highly adaptable. Regulations in the space continue to change and become more challenging.

There is also a large area that Involves Real Estate segments that are aiming to be more consumer-focused that could hugely benefit from these advances to bring services closer to the public and at the same time cut or reduce high contractual prices or third-party costs.

Making AI Accessible to Global Clients

Teams who have passed the funding rounds for example and raising series A or expanding their Series B now face the same challenge; how to attract new area customers while maintaining their somewhat traditional Partners while still adapt the new AI solutions they offer; while they do not possess strong Enterprise skills or integration to broader services – they need to execute in these areas regardless of the Vertical they’re in. The developments that WorkMentality AI Foundation has been able to open in a very short period of time in a market where historically Traditional Services are undisrupted for years, sometimes decades aims to cooperate and educate both Corporates and Academia in order to help them become competitive in a Global Stage for Business Intelligence and Real-Time Innovation.

The current reality is that even mature corporations do not posses the right combination of services to fully serve a diverse type of audience which now includes a much younger demographic Gen Y which grew up with highly Digital skills versus traditional models that we are mostly familiar with.

The Government of Hessen lead by the Ministry of Digitalization and Innovation has made it clear that Germany has more aggressive plans to advance in AI Solutions for this year ahead and will further support the growth and successful implementation of Smart Advanced solutions for all. Integration is at the heart of Innovation.

About WorkMentality Innovation (Deutschland)

Founded in 2023, WorkMentality Foundation has spearheaded the Development of many of the thriving Startups in Frankfurt due to the nature of their services in areas such as Enterprise Solutions and Global SaaS Services in FinTech, Legal Tech, Asset Management, Consulting Services.

WorkMentality is in line to become a key Strategic Player in the Tech space not only in the EU but across the globe with plans to expand their Partnerships into the Dubai market this year where they already established some key lines of work with International partners.

Media Contact

Brand: WorkMentality AI Foundation (Deutschland)

Contact: Lenn Montano


SOURCE: WorkMentality AI Foundation (HRB 132102 DE)

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