SeaPRwire Outlines 7 Key Strategies for Effective Crypto PR Distribution

SINGAPORE – As cryptocurrencies cement themselves in mainstream finance, PR and communications strategy is proving vital for crypto brands to cut through the noise. Yet limited media familiarity with blockchain technology coupled with marketer inexperience often dampens results.

To empower crypto platforms, SeaPRwire, the leading press release distribution platform, outlined 7 tips to optimize awareness campaigns based on analysis of top-performing projects.

In an interview, James Scott, SeaPRwire’s Chief Strategy Officer, explained how crypto press releases is no longer optional, but essential to engaging investors, customers and partners. By taking a strategic approach, blockchain brands can improve trust and accelerate adoption.

“2021 saw crypto explode into public consciousness – but misunderstandings still abound,” remarked Scott. “PR bridges knowledge gaps on how tokens work while conveying thought leadership. Our data shows crypto campaigns attaining 3X the visibility and traffic of broader fintech when executing proven tactics.”

SeaPRwire studied hundreds of crypto PR launches over the past two years to benchmark strategy, messaging resonance, media & influencer preferences and content performance.

Here are 7 key learnings:

1. Lead with Education

Despite meteoric growth, cryptos perplex most beyond Bitcoin. Savvy brands lead with education by translating complex capabilities into understandable consumer and business benefits.

“Explaining tokenization, wallets, consensus mechanisms or DAOs before raison d’être leaves audiences cold,” Scott said. “Focus first on the problems Web 3.0 solves then technical details become credible versus alienating.”

2. Get Visual 

Visual assets grab attention while conveying technical concepts and ecosystem interactions that words alone fail to capture.

Infographics, animated videos and diagram snippets within press releases boost comprehension and social sharing by nearly 150% according to SeaPRwire’s analysis.

3. Cultivate Credible Advocates

The loudest crypto cheerleaders often lack nuance while critics highlight risks without balance. Scott advised cultivating credible third-party validation.

“Refreshing voices from leading analysts, academics and journalists carry much more weight versus self-serving hype.”

He added that data-backed findings and customer case studies also lend authenticity.

4. Align with Current Events

Viewing announcements through the lens of larger cultural moments confer relevancy. Crypto donations supporting disaster relief or climate research integrate purpose while highlighting real-world utility.

5. Segment Influencers

Rather than chasing celebrities, Scott suggested niche micro-influencers aligned to brand personas.

“An endorsement from obscure crypto-Twitter personalities seems insignificant but niche credibility and engaged followers drives more conversions than household names lacking context.”

6. Optimized Distribution

To break through, SeaPRwire implements a staggered approach across wires, online newsrooms and manual outreach coupled with follow-ups.

“We strategically sequence targets balancing tier-1 outlets and crypto-specialists then track, analyze and optimize flow based on performance,” Scott added.

7. Monitor Sentiment

With crypto volatility also comes fast changing optics. Track commentary momentum across media, influencers and social channels with listeners tailored to brands and spokespersons.

“Uptake velocity indicates interest while sentiment flags perception issues needing course correction,” Scott said. “Buzz volume and quality provide early warning signs to guide PR priorities.”

Cryptos now compete with public brands demanding commensurate communications strategy. By taking a targeted, orchestrated approach, SeaPRwire has helped crypto leaders land features in CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and other top-tier outlets plus drive 2X more referral traffic.

“Earned media builds credibility vital for growth,” summarized Scott. “With the right messaging and distribution, crypto PR accelerates adoption by increasing understanding, trust and excitement.”

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