(SeaPRwire) –   ‘Lipcure Beam’ technology, a single device enabling lip diagnosis, care, and makeup, takes the prize

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 16, 2023 Amorepacific的’Lipcure Beam’技術榮獲2024年消費電子展(CES 2024)創新獎,這是該公司連續第五年在這項影響全球的科技活動中獲獎。

Amorepacific's 'Lipcure Beam' technology has been honored with the CES 2024 Innovation Award
Amorepacific’s ‘Lipcure Beam’ technology has been honored with the CES 2024 Innovation Award

Awarded in the CES 2024 Digital Health category, the ‘Lipcure Beam’ is a groundbreaking beauty tech device that combines lip diagnosis, care, and makeup capabilities in one unit.

The ‘Lipcure Beam’ cap houses a precision sensor capable of diagnosing the condition of the lips. It instantly detects moisture levels and provides diagnostic results when applied to the lips. Separating the cap from the container reveals a makeup tool. Based on the diagnostic results, the brush-like cosmetic applicator emits optimally customized visible light to aid in lip care.

Developed at the Amorepacific R&I Center, a light-responsive material applied to the lips interact with light emitted from the ‘Lipcure Beam’, maximizing the response of riboflavin, a natural vitamin. This reaction strengthens the collagen fibers inside the lips, forming a moisturizing barrier on the surface. With the technology, users can experience the benefits of slowing down the process of lip aging, thereby creating a more youthful appearance.

The device is designed for ease of use, with a size suitable for one-handed operation and portability. It employs a universal color system naturally suited for all races and ages, making it globally accessible. Optimized light operation within the device also conserves battery life. The ‘Lipcure Beam’ incorporates patented technology by Amorepacific.

Byung-Fhy Suh, Head of Amorepacific R&I Center, commented, “We are profoundly honored that Amorepacific’s renowned strengths in skin biotechnology and our dedicated research and development in customer-centric technology have led to us winning our fifth consecutive CES Innovation Award. The R&I Center at Amorepacific will continue to exert extensive efforts, ensuring every customer achieves a satisfying life through their unique beauty and health.”

**Reference: List of Amorepacific’s CES Innovation Awards from 2020 to 2023 
(Total of 8 Awards Including CES 2024)

– CES 2020: Tailored Facial Mask Pack 3D Printing System

Amorepacific’s innovation was inspired by the limitations of traditional facial masks in accommodating varying facial sizes, feature placement, skin tones, and specific skin imperfections. The Tailored Facial Mask Pack 3D Printing System utilizes an Amorepacific-developed app to capture facial images, measuring the position of eyes, nose, mouth, and the area of the forehead, cheeks, and chin to design a 2D mask blueprint. Based on this information, a hydrogel containing functional ingredients is selected for the skin condition, and a high-speed 3D printer produces a customized mask pack in real time.

– CES 2021

1) Lip Factory by Color Tailor (Smart Factory System)

The ‘Lip Factory by Color Tailor’ leverages artificial intelligence to recommend lip colors suitable for customers’ skin tones and instantly manufactures lip makeup products on-site. This system, capable of creating over 2,000 colors in real-time, employs advanced technology for precise pigment blending and management, allowing quick and accurate production of lip makeup products with simple operations.

2) Formularity – Instant Active Toner Blending Device

Amorepacific的’Formularity – Instant Active Toner Blending Device’榮獲2021年消費電子展(CES 2021)健康與福祉類別創新獎。此設備可以即時製作以應對皮膚問題的精華液。它將精華液滴入棉花棒,並調整到適合皮膚的理想溫度。利用各種不同的精華液可以定制化的護膚,並確保每次應用都使用新鮮製作的精華液來保證衛生。

– CES 2022

1) Mind-linked Bathbot

The ‘Mind-linked Bathbot’ is a solution that analyzes a person’s emotions through brainwaves and then has a robot instantly create a bath additive with matching scents and colors. Wearing a headset with eight sensors, the user’s brainwaves are measured in real-time. This data is analyzed to determine the optimal fragrance and color a robot uses to create a customized bath bomb within a minute.

2) Myskin Recovery Platform

The ‘Myskin Recovery Platform’ is an integrated platform that conveniently monitors daily skin conditions, provides tailored solutions, and tracks skin improvement. Users can diagnose surface skin changes using their smartphone camera and a lighted mirror and measure skin moisture and elasticity with a compact sensor. This next-generation, personalized service offers continuously updated solutions based on AI analysis of skin measurement data and cosmetic prescriptions.

– CES 2023

1) Authentic Color Master by TONEWORK

The ‘Authentic Color Master by TONEWORK’ is an AI and robotic arm-based customized makeup smart manufacturing system solution. It precisely measures facial colors using AI algorithms and can produce customized foundation, cushion, and lip products using a robotic arm. Optimal custom colors are recommended by applying facial recognition technology and colorimetry research.


The ‘COSMECHIP’ is a device that creates customized skincare cosmetics by inserting an active chip containing efficacy ingredients. Utilizing Amorepacific’s microfluidic channel technology allows for the uniform combination of small amounts of water and efficacy ingredients, enabling customers to address changing skin concerns promptly. Moreover, the active chip contains various skin-efficacy ingredients in an anhydrous prescription, allowing for stable, long-term storage.

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