Hack The Box Redefines Cybersecurity Performance, Setting New Standards in the Cyber Readiness of Organizations

NEW YORK, NY, LONDON, UK and SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, Apr 11, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Companies can level up their cybersecurity defenses – eliminating the skills and knowledge gaps that criminals regularly exploit thanks to Hack The Box’s Cyber Performance Center.

Hack The Box’s Cyber Performance Center unites individual ability, business management practices, and the human factor in the cybersecurity industry and it is designed to help organizations take a coordinated approach to their cyber readiness, reducing the vulnerabilities created when cybersecurity is siloed or treated as a tick-box requirement.

Its innovative model transcends the limits of traditional cyber training, taking a 360º overview that considers a business’s processes and technology investments along with the requirements of its cybersecurity teams. By matching processes and exercises to organizational outcomes it helps to align cybersecurity and business objectives.

Hack The Box’s disruptive approach also directly addresses the key human element within corporate cybersecurity, focusing on the upskilling and development cyber professionals need to perform to their best while providing clear career paths to encourage retention and combat the increased burnout and fatigue within the sector. This is critical as the global cybersecurity industry currently faces a skills shortage of four million people.

It is estimated that, by next year over half of significant cyber incidents will be caused by human error or skill shortages1. The Cyber Performance Center approach helps organizations tackle their security as a company-wide goal, considering the needs of its cybersecurity team, business processes, and respective technology investments to promote a healthy security culture.

Hack The Box combines these three organizational pillars with a continuous learning journey based on the latest technologies, vulnerabilities, and solutions for all cybersecurity domains. The approach enables customers to create and maintain a robust cyber strategy, unlocking the skills of each member of their security teams, matching processes and exercises to organizational outcomes, and bridging the gap between cybersecurity and business objectives.

“At Hack The Box, we believe cybersecurity readiness is not just a technical requirement but a company-wide imperative, involving people, technology, and processes”, highlights Haris Pylarinos, Founder and CEO at Hack The Box. “Only by taking into account the needs of an organization’s cybersecurity team, its business processes, and respective technology investments, can a healthy security culture thrive. That’s why we’ve developed the Cyber Performance Center approach, where our focus is on empowering cyber individuals and organizations to bring out the best version of themselves, day in and day out.”

Hack The Box is the only Cyber Performance Center that builds on three critical pillars:

Continuous, gamified, hands-on upskilling from cybersecurity fundamentals to advanced scenarios.

Cybersecurity workforce development plans, baked into the fabric and objectives of organizations.

Career path programs and retention strategies to fight burnout, fatigue, and skill gaps.

Haris Pylarinos continues: “What makes Hack The Box different is that, unlike traditional training methods, we provide an all-in-one platform that serves as a single pane of glass for organizations and cybersecurity leaders to recruit, upskill, retain, and track their team’s success. Cyber Performance Center marks the next stage of Hack The Box’s evolution. We will continue to support the industry by acting as a vital ally in crafting high-performing security teams and organizations that put the human factor in the forefront.”

Notes to editors:

1 Predicts 2023: Cybersecurity Industry Focuses on the Human Deal, Gartner

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About Hack The Box:

Hack The Box is the Cyber Performance Center with the mission to provide a human-first platform to create and maintain high-performing cybersecurity individuals and organizations. Hack The Box is the only platform that unites upskilling, workforce development, and the human focus in the cybersecurity industry, and it’s trusted by organizations worldwide for driving their teams to peak performance. Offering an all-in-one environment for continuous growth, assessment, and recruitment, Hack The Box provides solutions for all cybersecurity domains. Launched in 2017, Hack The Box brings together the largest global cybersecurity community of more than 2.6 million platform members. Rapidly growing its international footprint and reach, Hack The Box is headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in the US, Australia, and Greece.

For more information, please visit hackthebox.com

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